About Intelativ

Intelativ is a start-up company setup to innovate and develop products related to Internet of Things (IoT) and intelligent systems. The company was founded by the promoters of AcculightUSA. AcculightUSA creates custom-built LED lighting solutions for an array of services ranging from industrial, commercial, hazardous location, transportation & public infrastructure settings. With the promoters having several years of experience in LED lighting, they started Intelativ for building innovative and smart IoT based products. Intelativ's vision is to become a world leader in providing smart solutions for IoT based systems.



Smart Street Light

Smart Street Light

Smart Street Light is an LED based street light that can be used to monitor the streets using day and night video surveillance. It also provides smart features like Wi-Fi hot spots, lighting based on demand to control lighting pollution, air quality monitoring, and announcement systems. The monitoring system in the light can be used to record important events in the street and can be archived for future use.

Smart Home System

Smart Home & Security System

Smart Home & Security System uses sensors like PIR (Passive Infra Red), cameras, smart air-conditioning vents, door sensors and much more devices to make our home safe and comfortable. Smart homes nowadays rely on Internet to function. However this system works without Internet and uses a private secure network to perform voice based commands.


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